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Referral incentive for existing clients

For every new client you refer who then makes a booking, you will receive your next treatment at half price!

Heaven's Therapy Herbal Heat Packs are now here! 

Used regularly here at Dragonflies, these heat packs are wonderful for loosening up tight muscles in the main problem areas of the shoulders and neck. Normally retailing at $28.00, order one today for just $20.00! The fragrant mixture of herbs soothes the senses and will still be potent years from now. Treat yourself (or a friend) to one today! 

Dragonflies Massage Therapy Services
Every day we encounter stress of some kind, whether it be physical 
or emotional. Left unmanaged, stress can easily evolve into major 
health problems. 

Massage alleviates tension, promotes wellness throughout the 
entire body and reduces stress levels in a completely natural way.

So go on, be sweet to yourself!

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