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Swedish Massage
Hot Stone Therapy
Chair Massage
A deeply relaxing massage for body and mind, this low-intensity technique 
is perfect for melting away the stresses of the day and getting back in touch 
with yourself from head to toe.

60 minutes - $50
90 minutes - $70

Deep Tissue  Massage
For those who prefer a more targeted approach, deep tissue incorporates Swedish strokes with deeper pressure 
on problem areas. 

60 minutes - $60
90 minutes - $80
Hot basalt stones are set on specific muscles to warm them, making deeper pressure more comfortable for those who may not be able to tolerate a deep tissue massage.

60 minutes - $60
Upper body treament in a portable Massage Chair.  Corporate/office/workplace/event chair massages available. Perfect for Staff Appreciation Days.  Ask about our group rate discounts!

15 minutes - $ 15.00

Pregnancy Massage
A gentle, low intensity therapy performed in side-laying position, designed to ease the stresses of pregnancy on the expectant mother's body.

60 minutes - $50

Pressure points on the feet are worked to achieve balance and harmony in corresponding body areas.

30 minutes - $20

Relax together with your special someone. Please give extra notice when booking this service to ensure availability of a second therapist.  We are proud to support equal rights and welcome same sex couples into our clientele.

60 minutes - $50

Table Thai
Experience Thai Massage on the table. The body is gently stretched and Sen energy lines are addressed in this Yoga style treatment.

90 minutes - $65

Paraffin Hand Treatment
Start off your session with a delightful treat for tired hands, which will reveal silky soft skin in just minutes.


Foot Soak and Scrub
Begin your relaxation with a warm, bubbly foot spa, followed by a fragrant Epsom Salt scrub.


30-Minute  Massage
Don't have much time?  Target specific areas in a shorter session. 

30 minutes - $30

A word about "sensual massage"
Also known as exotic, erotic or the "happy ending" massage, this is not only unprofessional and inappropriate, it is also illegal. Licensed therapists are fighting hard to overcome the stigma attached to our profession by prostitution.

60 Mins.
90 Mins.
60 Mins.
90 Mins.
Want to take a little piece of your Dragonflies experience home with you?

Massage Butter
Made with just three high quality, all natural ingredients - organic shea butter, organic castor oil and aromatic essential oil.

1 jar - $3
4 jars - $10 

Herbal Eye Pillows

Heaven's Therapy Herbal Heat Pack 
Shoulder Pillow

Gratuities - Never expected, but always appreciated!

       $5                       $10                     $15                      $20

$5 Tip
$10 Tip
$15 Tip
$20 Tip
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Single Jar
4 for $10
Eye Pillow
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